Bio-Tech International (BTI) provides solutions and strategies for workflow optimization within a laboratory setting in the Middle-East & North Africa (MENA) region. We specialize in all aspects of genetic and genomics testing, instrumentation & automation.
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Reseller Web Hosting
It's always useful to take into consideration that cPanel was originally conceived on a one-server-does-it-all kind of environment. cPanel's essential purpose is to operate on one single website hosting server where all web page hosting services run at one and the same time: email, FTP, databases, website files, stats, web application installers, hosting CP, DNS, etc.. Knowing that, it's difficult to envisage a cPanel-based website hosting distributor distributing authentic cloud hosting services. And more than 95% of the contemporary web page hosting providers are... cPanel-based. That's all there is to cloud hosting out there. You should take that one into account as well.

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